Sunday, July 27, 2008

Addicted much?

I could see where this could get quite addicting. Just putting thoughts out there for whoever to look at... It's kinda voyeuristic, don't you think? I kinda like it...

Today will be one of just taking care of business... grocery shopping, laundry, etc... The weekly visit to Wally-World. I don't know anyone that likes going, but they just pull you in. Don't they? What's their motto? 'Live Better. Spend Less'? They should add 'Dodge stockers who don't feel the need to give you any room, try not to run into any other shoppers' carts because they're not paying attention because they're on the cell phone, remember to smile politely at the cashier regardless of how they're feeling today...' Whatever, ha!

So, yesterday I discovered the wonderful world of a webcam. I have a friend, CWS, in another town and we took a stab at hooking up. We got the cameras working, but not audio yet. I'm positive we'll get it worked out today. If you've never used one of these cameras, you've probably been blase about it, just like I've been. Well, I hooked this thing up and got everything rolling. Sitting there on my bed, I watched our little screens pop up; and BAM!! There sitting in front of me was someone that lives miles and miles away. It was kind of like discovering something when you were a kid for the first time. I felt like I was 8 or something - like I have this new little secret that's all my own. I can plug my webcam up and see CWS whenever they acquiesce. I can open up my own little secret world. Very cool... I called all my out of town family that night and told them to go buy a webcam. That way, I won't get bugged about going to another state all the time, maybe... In the meantime, I'm going to walk around with my little fist tightly clenched holding my new little toy with my smug little smile. I'm not sharin'... ha!

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Lipstick said...

You are so fancy, what with the webcam and all. I am thinking that is going to be a fab way to save money on fuel!