Thursday, September 4, 2008

Testosterone overload

Ok, so I'll tell about a conversation I had with Born Cool tonight. Now, it's no secret I'm boy crazy. I love me some testosterone. However, I get tired of dealing with the testosterone that floods this house on a daily basis. I'm the only girl; and well, my only solace is doing something in the yard or something...

Here's goes...

Me: BC, you want chili?
BC: Sure
Me: Ok, here ya go. You want crackers and cheese and sour cream?
BC: Yeah. Can you bring it in here?
Me: Ok (WTF - am I your maid)... Oh wait, we're out of sour cream. Do you just want cheese and crackers in it.
BC: silence
Me: Hey, did you hear me? What do you want?
I go into living room where he is sulking on the couch with his chili in front of him on a TV tray
Me: Did you hear me? What do you want?
BC: Nothing. Why did you eat all the sour cream?
Me: We all did the other night we ate chili. It's just gone.
BC: Well, go check the refrigerator again.
Me: I did, SON. I guess you don't want anything else...
BC: Well, I GUESS not.
Me: (completely fed up at this point) You know, you don't have to be an ass to me because all the sour cream is gone. I gave you everything else you wanted.
BC: (sits up and OPENS eyes) What? Why did you just call me that? Did you just call me an A-double S?
Me: Well, you just should stop acting like one. How do you expect me to be a good mother if all you do is gripe and complain??
BC: It'll be fine without the sour cream.

Huffy mom walks away

So, you see how things are going around here?? I'm losing my mind.