Sunday, August 10, 2008

All over the place...

So, I'm all over the place tonight... First let me say, I'm pretty pathetic. It's "fend for yourself" night. I feel hard pressed to get something out before Rain gets home. Strange, isn't it... Mystery Man just ate a PB&J for dinner accompanied by those pastel, flavored marshmellows. Yeah, kid, whatever you want. Now, tell me I'm not pathetic! Mother of the year, I am not tonight...

Anyway, my super-cool-music-blog girl, Georgie, has sent me an award!! She rocks so hard; and as soon as I figure out who I'm sending it to and all that jazz, I'll have an awesome kick ass award! I know I've got people reading. It's a small group, but it's growing... You need to be commenting, so I'll know you're out there! Apparently, Colin (from previous post) got a lot of attention according to the stat people. Nobody really decided to say anything about him, except for the few that aren't scared. Maybe I was out of line on that post... Sorry about that... I don't care.

Regardless, she's also teaching me to do cool stuff like the wistful signature at the bottom. And, I'm sure before it's all done, I will have done a 'strike through'. She also posted about a market research group. Anyway, I signed up and Born Cool qualified for the survey she posted about. He's going to get a FREE, say it again, FREE video game that he gets to KEEP. Hopefully, I think it's for the Wii. I'm so super psyched about anything free that I can't see straight. If you haven't turned yourself on the to free section of the Wally World web site and you love free stuff, please so do. It's under the last tab.

I discovered something else cool... These cool little blog surveys... Interestingly enough, it's pretty correct. Except for the expensive taste. I've conditioned myself out of that since I got married - ha... not really

You are the Sense of Touch
You are a highly sensitive and easily moved person.
You love to get as close to other people as possible.
Human connection is very important to you.

You are also likely to be an animal lover who loves animals as much as humans.
In fact, you like almost anything soft!
You have expensive taste in clothes and furniture. It's all about the fabric.

Another subject I need for you to weigh in on... My house is hot as hell and we're handwashing dishes. I'm trying to "save energy". More importantly, I'm trying to get our out of control energy bill down. Thermostat set to 78, I think that's making everybody cranky, we're pretty much living in the dark and handwashing dishes. If you've got any other ideas, let me know. I don't know how much more primitive we can get. I used a box fan while I was putting makeup today. I had to convince Born Cool that, yes, in 1987 we did have hairdryers.

Anyway, I'm a spaz today. Can't help it... Don't know what's wrong other than the fact that I'm hot... and 'strike-through' kicks ass. Thanks Georgie!! I'm off to watch my cats play with the flavored marshmellows... I love to watch them so delicately swat them around the floor, then pick them up like they're dead or something...


georgie said...

Ohhh looky you so did a strike-through"! and OMGosh you got a pretty siggy-you musta had a good teacher! ;-)

I guess you havent dug through the archives to see how my family saved money when i was child LOL

quick version:
the telephone you use, throw it out and get your self a CB radio-you may only be able to talk to truckers-BUT you will be saving money! Breaker Breaker 19-YES we used a CB for our telelphone

Lights are soooo over-rated-we used Oil lamps-I so do not kid about this

and water who REALLY needs running water? we pulled ours from a well

OH and anything electrical we hooked up to the car batery


P.S. so glad to hear your lil one qualified for the video game survey my bean is excited to get her game-we hope it's for the wii also!

Da Old Man said...

Congrats on mastering the strike through. You're officially big time, now.


Very nice blog, BTW.

Lipstick said...

Well, I am so impressed. I have to confess...I haven't the vaguest notion of how to do a strike though.

I think it is so cool about the cutting back on electricity. We are trying to do that too. I am trying to conserve water too, but man, I love me a loooong, hoooot shower.

Georgie...I love that about the CB radio!!!

Mommie Mayhem said...

I'm loving your blog.Thanks for the comment ! I'm still learning as well ! It has become my daily addiction !