Saturday, August 2, 2008

Duh. Duh. Double Duh.

So, the sitemeter thing freaked me out. While searching for the answer, I learned that this whole "blogging" thing is a lot easier that it seems. Yeah, if you 'upgrade your template' which I have not done. I've been sitting here trying to "get" html. Regardless, I've upgraded now and things are MUCH easier - ha! I've just got to remember how things were now...

I was watching the guys play a SpongeBob Life game last night. It was pretty much their first run on their own. I decided to stay out of it and see how it went. Old Soul decided to be the bank much to the dismay of Born Cool. So, they're playing... Mystery Man is paying attention to everything except the game - playing with whatever was on the carpet that should have already been vacuumed up, looking down his pants (making sure everything was still there, I guess) and everything else little boys do. Old Soul was watching every move Born Cool made because he is, by nature, a little sneaky. He was right on the verge of accusing B.C. of cheating until B.C. turned and looked at him and said, "I'm NOT cheating. I'm playing with my brothers, NOT my parents". Oh yeah, I'll have to watch for that next time I'm in the game.

I guess boys learn innately to look down their pants and squeeze themselves at an early age. I remember when Old Soul was, I don't know, 3 or so. He'd kill me for saying all this as he is a teenager now. He was standing there peeing and, in a panic, called for me. I rushed in and he had this look of pure scared confusion. So, I'm like "what's wrong baby?!" Well, he lifted up his "winky" and points to the "boys" and goes, "What are THESE?" I don't know. I guess it was the first time he'd ever really noticed them? I tried real hard not to laugh, but I probably didn't succeed. I used to be embarrassed at how boys are constantly feeling themselves up when they're small. I got over it pretty quick. I guess those of you with boys can relate. Always with the "Do you have to pee?"... "No..." "Then, why are you holding yourself like you do?" "I don't know..." Yeah, they're funny....

I took this with the phone the other day. Isn't she pretty?

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Lipstick said...

Oh much laughter from me! JB spends his entire bath making sure that everything it should be.

Tie for fave line: "What are these?" and "I'm playing with my brothers, not my parents"