Monday, August 4, 2008

Escort Monday in with a smile?

So, the weekend's over. This is not a big deal to me today. However, in a week, it will be. The guys go back to school this Thursday. Rain works Thursday through Sunday; so this Thursday, the kids will be in school and Rain will go to work. Heck yeah! I'll get two glorious weeks before I go back to school.

This was a good, productive weekend. Couple of victorious moments, a 'crap, I knew that would happen' moment, and a near death experience (not really, but it was scary). Victories first - I fixed the fuel lines on the weed eater, wound the twine on the weed eating head correctly and weed eated. I do all the yard work (cut, edge, blow), except weed eating. I hate it. I always have something fly up and cut one of my legs. However, Rain had not seen fit to do it in like a month or something grotesque... The 'crap, I knew it would happen' moment - yep, a rock flew up and cut my leg while weed eating. The near death experience - I decided to sand and clean my lockers to get them ready to paint. Well, I drug them out of the garage and was happily cleaning away in the 110 degree heat index. Then, I decided to move them to a more level ground. Yeah, they fell over. Fantastic. Some guy moving grass at the house for sale across the street drove over and helped me.

I told Rain about the whole weed eating experience. He said that even after all these years, he's still learning things about me. I told him that even after all these years, I'm still being forced to learn to do new things because he won't get off his ass. He thought that was funny. Yeah, me too. NOT.

Anyway, I took the guys to the pool at the Y Sunday for a few hours after the morning trip to Wally-World. Here they are after a few hours of fun in the sun...

See how happy and tired they look? Awesome! Mission accomplished...

Anyway, welcome Monday. You're bringing a week I've been waiting for... Is it just me or is everybody ready for their kids to go back to school?


georgie said...

I am glad you are OK from your hear death expierence! Afet re-reading tho' I have to come to the conclusion that the 110 degree heat woulda been my "near death" expierence-yep I am alergeric to HEAT thats how I know I am not goin to Hell-I have a dr's note and everything! I kid I kid

Your boys are adorable! My beans go back to school Aug 15th and yes I am looking forward to them going-I am not looking forward to waking at 5:30am

georgie said...

Oh *gasp* I can't spell either hear=Near geesh It is all the coffee makers fault I have only had one cup of go-go juice this am!

Lipstick said...

LOL about learning new things! Very very impressive about the weed eater twine threading-that is hard!

I can't get over how much your three boys look alike! It's almost like it is a pic of the same child, just at three different ages.

BTW, speaking of learning new tonight's post I accidentally deleted your comment because I had to republish my Picasa collage. Well, crap.

rarthur said...

We will enjoy in weekends only. It is rainy season. So kids are enjoying holidays. Your boys are so cute. But its time to go to school.
Richard Arthur